Here are some neat resources I came across recently about using color in data visualization:

Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?, by Bernice E. Rogowitz and Lloyd A. Treinish. This one goes back to 1998 — but it’s still relevant. Shows loads of fantastic examples of how our perception of color makes a difference in what we get out of a visualization.

ColorBrewer 2 — a trove of useful color schemes for presenting data of various sorts. It’s focused on map data (cartography) — but the schemes are just as useful when visualizing other kinds of data! You specify your data type and number of data classes, and can request color schemes that are colorblind-safe, print-friendly, and/or photocopy-able.

For general colorblind-safe checking, I like Color Oracle. It’s a free application that temporarily adjusts your screen colors to simulate what people with three different kinds of colorblindness might see. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Any other cool color visualization resources to recommend?